Shaw’s Land Clearing

Shaw’s Land Clearing is a family owned company based in Jacksonville, Florida, founded in 2000. Roy Shaw used his many years in the tree industry to expand into a larger aspect of tree removal. Shaw’s Land Clearing is rapidly growing into one of the largest companies in North East Florida to speciale in land clearing, using the latest, most up to date technology in the industry – we bring your vision to life.

Complete Land Clearing

Shaw’s Land Clearing offers a variety of different options for clearing land and property maintenance, from underbrush mulching and mowing to complete clearing and site prep. We are ready and willing to travel wherever the job may be. We have worked as far as Arnold Air Force Base in Tennessee, clearing and grinding over 200 acres, Bath Maine at NAS Brunswick and New Mexico at the White Sands Missile Range mowing and mulching for an environmental company to expose UXO and lead contaminate. We have worked for the government, cities, counties, states, construction, and environmental companies, just to name a few. We have multiple certified arborists on staff that can answer any of your tree or clearing questions. We take pride in our work, and you can always count on us to deliver consistent and reliable services. SLC has certified scales and a public dump for recycling yard and tree debris which we grind and mulch to fuel boiler plants.


Specialty Machines

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