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Peterson Horizontal Grinder of Debris

Our Peterson 4810B Horizontal Grinder combines state of the art technology with great mechanics together in one tough grinding machine!

The addition of tracks to the grinder means the grinder can move along as the project proceeds to stay hand in hand with the clearing operation without having to haul the debris to the machine saving both time and money.

Here you see our Grinder hard at work on a job site.

This shows our Peterson Horizontal Grinder at work in our Yard Waste Processing Facility. Shaw’s grinds up debris from local tree companies; then it’s off to one of several companies that burns the chips in their boilers to produce energy. Our small contribution to keeping things “Green”.

Track Hoe

By utilizing our Track Hoe in conjunction with our Horizontal Grinder, Shaw’s can also offer demolition of small buildings which may be needed during your clearing process.

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