Shaw’s Land Clearing Service Testimonies

Here are some testimonies of satisfied customers who have used our land clearing services..

Dear Mr Shaw,

I am pleased to offer you a letter of recommendation for your Company. Our recent project with Shaw’s Land Clearing consisted of cleaning and digging out our West and South canals at our shopping center located in Neptune Beach, Florida.

The knowledge, experience and professionalism exhibited on this project exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend Shaw’s Land Cleaning for any land clearing project. Roy’s dedication to customer satisfaction was apparent from the start of the project all the way to the end. The attention shown on the job site throughout the project was with the upmost of care and concern for our tenants and their customers. Roy’s attention to detail and carefulness was extremely invaluable.

Again, we highly recommend Shaw’s Land Clearing for your future land clearing project.

Neptune Beach, FL Realty LLC
By: TLM Realty Corp. Managing Member
Laura Hackel
Vice President

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Roy Shaw with Shaw’s Land Clearing and Shaw’s Tree Service, Inc. This great company has done business with us for 7 years.

Roy Shaw has worked with KIRA, Inc at NAS Jacksonville Base, Naval Station Mayport, Yellow Water, Cecil Field, and Whitehouse Airfield on Government Contracted Projects. I can’t disclose any pricing, however, their proposed amount for each project is within reason and well worth the quality of work.

Roy worked on a major ditch line project at NAS Jacksonville Base, removing trees, grind stumps, removal of underbrush, digging and re-shaping approximately 6,300 ft of ditches.

Roy worked on another huge ditch project where they cleaned and reshaped ditches, graded ditch slopes, cleaned out all vegetation, and silt to allow proper drainage flow through out 26,520 ft of ditches.

Roy Shaw and crew worked with KIRA, Inc. to remove numerous trees at NAS Jacksonville Housing. Shaw’s Tree Service was contacted and was asked to remove these trees rather quickly under very short notice. They immediately responded without any cause of concern, removed the trees and ground stumps, and were in close contact with Base Safety with zero infractions.

Roy Shaw and all his employees have shown professionalism, respect, commitment to get the job completed in a timely manner, and complies with OSHA and Government Saftey Regulations.

Roy Shaw with Shaw’s Land Clearing and Shaw’s Tree Service would be an asset to any organization, and I am happy to give them my wholehearted endorsement.

Tim Merchant
Project Manager

To Who It May Concern:

This letter is presented to introduce Mr. Roy Shaw and the Shaw’s Land Clearing, LLC.

The Wood’s Homeowner Association has had the opportunity to utilize the services of Shaw’s Land Clearing on several occasions to restore storm water flow lines, to de-snag and remove live and dead branches including logs from storm water collection ponds and has restored overgrown storm water draingage systems within this gated community.

Mr. Shaw and his team has performed all of this work with the utmost of professionalism. When given an assignment he and his staff has advised this community of what cleaning procedures they would follow, what we could expect during the cleaning process, what the finished project would accomplish and what to expect in the future.

The projects presented thus far were around private homes within the community. Mr. Shaw’s concern for the homeowner and their property has been such that we have had no adverse comments from any homeowner regarding the work being accomplished or the placement of equipment used during the cleaning process.

Completed projects:
February 2010 – cleaned 900 feet of drainage canal leading into and exiting a storm water pond. This project required tree, shrub and vine removal, dirt and sludge excavation, and restoring proper flow lines.

November 2010 – restored flow line in 700 foot drainage canal – project required tree and stump removal.

Future projects:
May 2011 – restore flow line in two 100 foot drainage canals – project required cleaning storm water drains, removal of trees, shrubs and excavation of canal to install corrugated piping.

Fall 2011-clean a 1/2 mile 50 foot wide storm water canal with constantly flowing water – project will entail removing dead and toppled trees and tree branches from canal banks and within the waterway; removing vines and entangled dead tree limbs from live and dead trees some as high as 30 feet and which extend over the canal.

Without exception Shaw’s Land Clearing has accomplished all of their assignments with concern for the homeowner, quality work and a fair price for the project.

This association and committee strongly recommends this company for any land clearing and restoration project that might be considered.

James F. Blache
The Wood’s Community
Streets and Drains Committee

In September and October 2001, the National Park Service contracted with Shaw’s Tree Service of Jacksonville, Florida to mow 140 acres of trees and shrubs. The area was a 10-year old pine plantation that has received no management since the planting. The area was totally choked with 5 to 6 inch dbh slash pines, oaks, palmettos and various other shrubs and was so dense that a human could not walk or crawl through the area.

Shaw’s utilized a Gyrotrack to mow and semi-chip the brush and slash. Upon completion, nothing was standing over 20 inches. The personnel from Shaw’s were totally responsive to our request for contract modification and went beyond what was called for in the contract language. Examples of excellent cooperation including a request from the National Park Service for varying number of trees to be left on different segments of the project area. They also provided additional fire breaks at no cost to the government.

Shaw’s Tree Service has proved to be one of the finest contractors that I have ever worked with. They treated the land like it was their own, were responsive to requests from us and completed the job not only better than we had envisioned, but also ahead of schedule. We would gladly recommend them and hope to continue a working relationship with them in the future when additional tree work, mowing or land clearing is called for..

Richard Bryant
United State Department of the Interior
National Park Service
Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve

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