Shaw’s Tree Service Testimonies

Here are some testimonies/recommendations of satisfied customers who have used our tree services.

A written expression of thanks to you: Your estimator, Chris, did a very patient and professional job in negotiating all of this. We talked for over a month with him coming out several times to fine-tune the agreement and get it precisely down. Eventually, three of us neighbors, my brother and a friend, contracted with you. Another friend is still considering.

The day the work was done was a great day. I had a couple of fine-tuning requests, and your foreman, Chris, said “Sure, let’s do it”. Every man on your crew did a great job, and my brother and I really enjoyed seeing the work accomplished on a great and beautiful January Day. (I remember telling the man doing the cutting in the bucket that this was more exciting than the Super Bowl).

So, from every one of us that was involved with our company, thank you for doing such excellent work.

M Smith

Tree Service Recommendations

Please pass this on to the head of your company:

On Thursday, August 21, 2008, your company sent a crew to my home to
remove (3) trees. This was the day that hurricane Fay was at it’s

I have worked construction work of various types throughout my life
and know the importance of communicating and working together.

These guys were working in some bad conditions and often times that
can cause problems in attitudes.

They carried on a jovial camaraderie as they worked and never once
did I notice any anger out of any of them. They worked well as a team
and were very skilled at their jobs.

This is the first time in my 54 years, I’ve ever written a letter
like this, but I felt they deserved acknowledgement for a job well done.

I have since recommended your company to several people and hope that
you will let your men know that I appreciate them doing such a great

Thank you,
W. L.M.

Tree Service Recommendations


Thank you so much for a job well done. It was a treat watching the
cutting. Your men not only work well together – their good humor
made the whole experience very pleasant.

Thank you again for such an efficient, thorough service.

Sincerely yours,

Tree Service Recommendations

I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I were very pleased
with the tree work that was done at our house.

Your workers were courteous and the foreman was very knowledgeable.
The men were very hard workers and I just wanted to express our appreciation
of a job well done. Please pass our thanks on to them.

Also, I thought your pricing was very reasonable. I will most definitely
recommend you to our neighbors here at The Plantation.


Tree Service Recommendations

Dear Mr. Shaw:

Often the Better Business Bureau receives letter from customers stating
how pleased they were with a company’s product or service.

Recently we received a letter about your company. We are forwarding
a copy of a letter sent to our office, regarding a customer wanting
us to be aware of their satisfaction. (The letter reads)

“I was unable to find a place on your website to “Compliment”
a business. I recently had 12 very large trees removed from my property
by Shaw’s. True professionals in every sense of the word. They
went above and beyond expectations. I would highly recommend Shaw’s
for anyone needing their services. I know they are not members of the
BBB but they are honest, professional people. Thank you for your time
… J.R.E.”

Diane Kaplan, Operations Coordinator
BBB of Northeast Florida

Tree Service Recommendations

Dear Shaws,

Today your company came to the house behind mine to cut down a 60+
ft dying pine tree. The tree was within twelve inches of our privacy
fence. I was curious to see how anyone could master this task, so I
set up a chair on my patio and watched.

Your employees did an excellent job. The man who did the cutting of
the tree was professional and very safety aware. The ground crew worked
very quickly and did a nice clean-up.

I have an in-ground pool and was concerned I might get a lot of debris
in my pool. My debris total: one pine cone.

My congratulations and respect for a job well done. Please tell your
employees that when people (like me) watch them do their job it is out
of awe and amazement. Thank you.

Betsy H (a Gator fan)
Tree Service Recommendations

Thanks for an incredible job done at a reasonable price!

I really appreciate Andy’s spirit and excellent customer service.
The crew was Outstanding in the way they performed the tasks and the
great clean-up job they did once finished.


P.S. – Please send me some of your business cards.

Tree Service Recommendations

See what others have to say:

Great Job! Very professional crew. THX B. R.
Very Good Job! Will use you again! J.B.
Thanks very much for such quick and good service. Dr. H.
Thank you for prompt and very good work. I appreciate the clean-up you
did after the tree cutting was complete. D.L.
Thank you for doing such a good job. We appreciate the great clean-up.
Thank you for the outstanding job! Everything was perfect! My neighbors
were impressed and plan to call you for their tree work. V.L.
With many thanks! Your employees did a wonderful job! Happy Thanksgiving
to all and God Bless! RJR

Letter of Recommendation

J. and E. from Jacksonville, FL

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